Chris Cillizza wrote a piece suggesting that Obama can do anything he really wants to because the Left base really has no where to go.

I disagree.  I gave a lot of money to the Obama campaign and more broadly to the Democrats over the last 12 years.  That has ended.

I will not give money to Obama or Pelosi or others in the 2012 election.  I may give money to MoveOn or another organization that more clearly represents my values, but not to weak-spined "compromisers" who do more harm than good.

But, you say, "We'll just wind up with a Republican controlled government again."

First, Obama has done precious little to reverse the harm that inflicted during the Bush term.  Not just economically, but also civil liberties and other "security" related issues (keep in mind that full body scanners are an Obama administration thing.)

Second, if the Republicans are not trying to destroy the President by destroying the country, at least the country won't get destroyed.  Remember, Bush called for and get a $150B stimulus package in 2007.  It wasn't enough to head off the real problem, but at the time, the Republicans were actually pandering to the general voters rather than trying to destroy the credibility of the administration.

Third, if the Republicans are in control, they can treat the wacko Tea Party folks the same way that Obama treats the Left.  They can point out that the Tea Partiers have no place to go, so it'll be time to actually bring home the pork to districts and spend (keep in mind that almost half the national debt is a legacy of the Bush years where the Republicans controlled all branches of government.)

Until there's a set Democratic candidates who have the spine to stand up to the Republicans that I'll vote Democrat again.  I'd rather have a functioning government than disfunction and failure which is continuous characteristic of the Obama administration.