I have been doing technology for a very long time... professionally since 1978.

I have seen technology grow and evolve... software is eating the world... developers are the new king-makers...

And we as humans have a choice of how we use technology.

We can use it for marginal personal gain where we offer something that make's someone else's life much better but take a substantial portion of the betterment for ourselves. For example, taking a 30% cut for brokering between a driver and a passenger may be a passable transaction, but is also a radical wealth transfer to the broker.

We can choose to use the magnificent power of technology to make all of the world a better place, and keep a very little portion of the gain for ourselves.

Today, I am joining Kiva.org as VP Engineering because I choose to use my technology skills to improve the world.

I've been a Kiva lender since 2006. I've given Kiva gift cards to family and friends. Since I became aware of Kiva, I've been a fan of Kiva's mission. And remarkably, Kiva has stayed true to its mission and been wildly successful over the years... Kiva has lent more than 3/4 of a Billion dollars!!

Over the summer, Kiva lost its VP Engineering and CTO. Kiva's CEO, Martin Tschopp, reached out to me as a coach for the engineering team while Kiva engaged in a VP Eng search. I started consulting with Kiva one day a week. I got to know and respect the engineers and the broader Kiva organization. Kiva is a group of passionate folks who really do live what they preach.

My kids started middle school this year and I opened myself to full time employment opportunities.

One day, Martin and I got to talking about my futures and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse: to join Kiva full time and make the world a better place.

From my perspective, nothing could be better than to join a team that I know and respect and do something that I know will use my technology skills to make the world better.

Moving the world

"Give me a lever long enough, a fulcrum strong enough and I’ll move the world” –Archimedes

Technology is the lever and fulcrum that is changing the health, wealth, and social patterns across the globe.

To my mind, Kiva's engineering group is the lever and the fulcrum that enables Kiva's mission to empower people around the world. The longer the lever and the stronger the fulcrum, the more we can change. My goal is to strengthen and lengthen Kiva's engineering group. And in that way, I can give back.

I cannot be happier or more excited about the team I'm joining and the possibilities for Kiva's future!