Woo Hoo, Ford Escape

I've had my Escape for about 3 weeks and I totally love the car.

It's smooth, easy to drive in a variety of ways (limousine, sporty, cargo-shlepping, etc.)

Never having to take the key out of my pocket is surprisingly useful, especially when I have to deal with kids and dog and packages and stuff. One fewer distraction allows me to focus on what's important.

The seats are wonderful. They are comfortable, supportive, and have proven excellent in hour+ drives… I haven't had a chance to do an 8 hour road trip, but soon.

The parking robot is very useful in San Francisco where tight parking spaces are a way of life… plus the parking robot amuses kids and adults alike. It's wild to hear a 40 year old squeal like an 8 year old, "OMG… the car is parking itself."

I plan a long road trip in a few weeks. I'll have a longer report after that.