Yep... I'm Gettin' Old

I've started the countdown to my 50th (January 2nd).

And people have been asking me "what do you want for your birthday?" And, thus, this post.

I'd really like world peace. I'd like my kids to grow up in a world where kindness and fairness abound. I'd like a world with fewer weapons and fewer tribes. But, in terms of a birthday present, if Nelson Mandela didn't get a markedly kinder world for one of his birthdays, and he did work every day towards one, I'm not going to hold my breath.

But there are things we can all do to make our corner of the world better.

  • Please smile at strangers. Say "Hi," to people on the street (Archer taught me this one).
  • Please make an extra effort to say, "Please" and "Thank you." And mean it from your heart. Yeah, it might just be someone's job to ring you up at the grocery store, but they are making your life better. Thanking them will make their life better... and make life better for the next person in line.
  • Please listen to those around you. Please take an extra beat before responding. Letting other peoples' words soak into you can make a conversation richer.

If you are interested in spending money for a dpp birthday present, please do not buy me anything. I have most of the material goods I can possibly imagine wanting. But you can contribute to a charity. My two favorites are Glide Memorial and the SF SPCA. But any charity that helps humans or animals get a better meal, some fresh water, and a place to sleep is good with me.