A quick patch to Visi

@tylerweir got Visi into a state where it was not correctly parsing a model, so I added a catch around the outer-most model loop and if an exception is raised, the reason for the error will be printed on stderr.

@puffnfresh discovered problems pasting code into the Visi edit.

Those issues are fixed in Visi 0.1.1. And today, you can download Visi 0.1.1 and play with it.

What is Visi

Visi is a modeling language targeted at Excel and Access and HyperCard and FileMaker users.

Visi is a statically typed, functional language that's beautiful and easy.

Visi is a language for the Cloud computing and a wide variety of devices.

Visi is an open source project that you're encouraged to participate in.


Thanks for the bug reports, guys.