The Right Gear is Important

I travel a fair amount and I like to have the right gear to travel will. Here's my current set-up:

dpp's travel stuff

Most importantly, a Traser Code Blue Watch. This watch is light and comfortable on the wrist and has a tritium light source so it's always visible. I can half wake on a dark airplane or in a dark hotel room, check out the time, and go back to sleep. I can do this without pushing buttons or doing something that's going to annoy others around me.

I carry a Lamy 2000 ballpoint pen. It's better for travel because it never leaks. I prefer the Lamy 2000 fountain pen when I'm not flying. I use a Leuchtturm 1917 pocket notebook. I prefer the quality of the paper over a Moleskine.

The LimeFuel charger cable does USB Micro and Apple Lightening and has a very nice tie built in. Great for packing.

Keeping charged on long flights (e.g., SFO -> LHR) means an external battery. I use the RAVPower. I don't love it, but it mostly gets the job done. And if you have a Mac, BiXNet has a MagSafe cable that works with the RAVPower.

The Bose QC 20i headphone are comfortable and keep the noise out for long flights.

I code on a ThinkPad x201s. The trackpoint is radically better than any other pointing device when traveling because I don't bump my neighbor when "mousing". Yes, the x201s is 5 years old and relatively slow, but with the 6 cell battery and the external battery pack, I can code from London to San Francisco. In fact, I implemented Lift's CSS Selector Transforms on the LHR -> SFO flight.