I continue to love subletting office space from the Stackmob folks.

Coming into work each morning, I get a fresh bowl of water for Archer and make a pot of green tea for me.

I answer email, checkout on Twitter links, and listen to music.  Sometimes a few of the Stackmob folks are in the office.  Sometimes, I’m all alone.

The Stackmob engineering group and other tenants wander into the office over the course of the morning and there’s a hum of energy in the geek corner of the office.  Sometimes people come over and say “Hi” to me or Archer or both.

Around 11am, Archer reminds me that he needs a walk.  We go around the neighborhood which is rich in smells… the kind of smells that are interesting to dogs, but not to humans.

Around noon, I wander out in search of food.  The food situation in the neighborhood is not optimal, but there’s generally a good food truck about a block away.  Today, it was Nom Nom.  I generally bring lunch back to the office and sometimes chat with folks while I’m eating.

The afternoon is a time of focus on work. I’ve generally settled in my mind what I need to get done: some coding, some writing, some thinking… and I work through it.

Around 4:45, it’s time to clean my tea pot, tea cup, water bottle, and Archer’s water bowl.  Then it’s time to head back home and settle into the pattern of being part of a family.

I continue to be super-stoked that I’m in the office space that I’m in.  The vibe here is sweet and simple and oriented to getting things done.  Nobody’s hair is on fire.  There are no emergencies.  It’s just a place where good work happens and everyone smiles.  I love this pattern.