Simple as changing your DNS

I have a side project... a CMS system I rolled myself called Telegram. It's a simple way to write some stuff in Markdown or HTML, push it to GitHub, and it will automatically become a web site. Telegram hosts Lift's site this blog and lots of other sites.

Google is moving Chrome towards supporting SSL only.

And in general, secure browsing is a very good thing(tm).

As of today, Telegram supports SSL for every hosted site. Telegram will continue to work as normal if you point the DNS of your web site to or CNAME to Your site will continue to be served via HTTP.

If you want to enable SSL for your site, point your site to or and it will automatically have SSL.

Telegram now uses Let's Encrypt to vend SSL certs for your site.

So, all you have to do to get SSL on your site is to update DNS to point A records to or point your CNAME records to

So... Telegram is a fun side project and now it's more secure.