Funding the common good… for my own benefit

I funded the Shoreditch Works Village Hall project on Kickstarter for £750. That's a lot of money given that I live in San Francisco. Why?

  • I believe in the power of geeks and I see the Village Hall as a place for geeks to swarm… and the more swarming geeks, the more cool people I get to interact with.
  • I make it over to London 4-6 times a year and want to have an excellent place to hang with awesome geeks when I'm in London.
  • I want to see how the experiment plays out… we're in a time of radical change where there's a rebalancing of how we interact in cyberspace and how we interact in the real world. I think there's more to the real world than hipster coffee shops and I think the Village Hall represents one model of people interacting in new and wonderful ways. I want to see how that plays out.
  • I'm a general fan of Shoreditch Works. They've attracted some excellent folks to their workspace and having a different take on space will likely attract more and different excellent folks.
  • The quality of the folks at Shoreditch Works raises the bar for everyone in London and everyone in the geek community… a stronger concentration of excellent will lead to setting the bar higher for everyone.

Those are my reasons. What are yours? And yes, that assumes that where-ever you live, if you read my blog you care about funding the Village Hall.