Lots of new stuff in Telegram this week!

Telegram continues to mature and get new features.

RSS Atom files

Telegram automatically creates an /rss.xml RSS Atom file if there are blog posts. This can be disabled with the no_synthetic_rss_file: true extra info. If the Atom file, a link <link type="application/rss+xml" rel="alternate" href="/rss.xml"> is automatically inserted into each page.

Right hand column

There's lots of stuff you can do to modify the flow of the page. The following code in templates-hidden/include.html creates 2 columns and puts a Twitter feed in the right hand column:

    <!-- change the footer to put different message in it -->
    <span data-lift="xform" data-css="footer *">(c) 2010-2012 David Pollak</span>
    <!-- add a 'row' class to the element with id 'main_content_place' -->
    <span data-lift="xform" data-css="#main_content_place [class+]">row</span>
    <!-- make the left side column a 'span10' -->
    <span data-lift="xform" data-css="#left_side [class+]">span10</span>
    <!-- and make the right column a 'span6' -->
    <span data-lift="xform" data-css="#right_side [class+]">span6</span>
    <!-- insert the following div in the right column -->
	<div data-lift="xform" data-css="#right_side *+">
	    <!-- the div includes a twitter feed -->
		<span data-lift="twitter?user=dpp">

The following code will insert a site-specific Google search box onto any page:

<form data-lift=search></form>

By default, the templates include a search box in the upper-right.

All sites listed

The Sites page now lists all the domains hosted on Telegram including the custom domains.

Custom domains

Telegram supports custom domains. To use the custom domain feature, enter a domain name into the "optional domain name" field when creating or editing a site. Domains may not be root domains (e.g., goodstuff.im) but must be subdomains (e.g., blog.goodstuff.im).

Next, go to your DNS provider and create a CNAME record pointing to cname.telegr.am. Your site will be served by Telegram.


Please enjoy the new Telegram features and please use the Feedback tabs to leave feedback or ask us questions.

Rock and roll!!