Today, I stop buying Microsoft products

I'm not a huge Microsoft fan. I recognize the value of Windows 95 through XP in terms of creating a standard platform for writing software and for user experience.

But Microsoft has become so deaf to users and so focused on revenue maximization that I just can't deal.

The straw

I have an XBox 360 for the kids. The XBox seemed to have the broadest range of cool games and with the Kinect, it was a better choice than the PS/3.

Today, my son went to play Minecraft on the XBox and he couldn't. He couldn't because the XBox required me to re-enter credentials and add another form of authentication to the account.

I tend not to curse on my blog or on Twitter, but FUCK YOU MICROSOFT.

I had to spend 15 minutes resetting my password, choosing a new password that was okay for the kids to see, easy to enter and easy to remember. Why? Because the password in up on the TV screen for everyone in the room and everyone at Ocean Beach to see.

And then I needed to set up a second form of authentication, but it couldn't be the email account I used to set up the XBox… it had to be something else.

I mean, seriously… a 2 factor authentication system so my kids can play Minecraft and Star Wars. What the fuck is Microsoft thinking?

And, yes, Ford Sync by Microsoft blows chunks

All this happened after I got back from a drive where, once again, my fucking Ford Sync by Microsoft crashed and rebooted.

Windows 8 just plain sucks, too

And let's not forget the absolute piece of donkey vomit that is Windows 8… yeah… I'm still really upset at spending $2K on a machine that is horrible and not even getting a call back from Lenovo.

Let's not forget Prism

Microsoft gets a ton of revenue from the US Government and has backdoors into their online systems and maybe even their desktop PCs for eavesdropping. While it was only over Steve Jobs' dead body that Apple gave in.

The Result

I'm simply not going to spend money on anything that has a Microsoft brand on it.

No more buying PCs with Windows on them just to wipe them and put Linux on them.

No more buying cars with Microsoft products in them.

No more buying home devices with any Microsoft software in them.

I'm done with Microsoft.

I will happily pay more just so I don't have to have another hellish experience with something from Microsoft.