New England is different

I'm back in New England for Monktoberfest in Portland, Maine.

I grew up in New England and went to college and grad school here. I only moved to San Francisco 16 years ago (okay, that may seem like a long time, but it's really not.)

Being back in New England, especially in the fall, highlights the stark contrast between the Bay Area and New England. Here are some of differences for me:

  • Moisture is different. In San Francisco, it's foggy. In New England, it drizzles.
  • There are real seasons in New England. It's very fall-like today, with the leaves falling from the trees. San Francisco has vague seasons, but it's nothing like the awesome seasons in New England.
  • New England is random and ad hoc. Streets wind and meander. Sidewalks get narrower and wider on the same street. The train tracks are clearly overlays rather than a planned part of the city infrastructure. Roads, bridges, and highways seem to be the same.
  • The people in New England seem to have a different pace and different vibe. New Englanders seem to be more rooted in the places and people around them, where the Bay Area seems less rooted and more about pushing forward and exploring.

Anyway… my observations for the day.