Welcome to my new blog… same as the old blog

I've been blogging for about 6 years. It has been fun finding my voice.

I originally used PHP blogging software to host my blog. It had a sucky editor and it turns out that PHP is pretty darned insecure (yeah, my blog got pwned, sigh).

So, I switched to Posterous which was very cool. I loved editing blog posts in GMail and mailing them off. It was very convenient, GMail has a great editor (with a spell checker, which is key for me), and I could work on drafts of blog posts where-ever I was.

With Posterous getting sold to Twitter and because I like trying new things, I've changed my blogging setup.

I've decided that I like having control over my content which means that putting up on Posterous or WordPress or somesuch doesn't excite me. I run my own servers so the idea of hosting isn't that difficult, except I don't want something that's going to have security issues.

Turns out the combination of Jekyll which takes Markdown and converts it into a nice static site that looks and feels like a blog is awesome.

With Jekyll, GitHub, Nginx, Mou, and my server hosted at CalPop, I've got an excellent, convenient, and secure blogging setup.

A big thanks to @SanderMak](http://twitter.com/SanderMak) and [@andyczerwonka for pointing me to Jekyll.