I placed an order at Apple's online store for a iPad developer account.  Yeah, you gotta pay Apple $100/year for the privilege of developing iPad apps.  Eh, it is what it is.

When I placed my order, I typed the expiration date of my credit card wrong.  I got a nice note from Apple asking me to call because they couldn't process my order.

I called and they told me that my bank was declining the credit card which was surprising to me.

So I called my credit card company.  They very helpfully pointed out that Apple was trying to process the order with the wrong expiration date on the card.  I felt like an idiot.

I called the Apple rep back and said, "Yeah, I'm an idiot, I typed the wrong expiration date on my card, and can you add a red iPad 2 cover to the order?" (my current iPad cover is one I stole from @divaesq.)

The Apple customer service rep, David Smith, said, "sure, I'll add that to your order, no charge."  I said, "why would you do that, I was the idiot who made the mistake and wasted a ton of Apple's time..."

So, my mind is officially blown.  Wow.