I'm super-excited that @milessabin, certified level 42 Scala type spelunker will be presenting at the Scala Lift Off London 2011.

Miles will present Scala continuations and NIO meet JVM coroutines. Abstract:

The implementation of high-performance network stacks has always been
challenging. Java NIO made event-driven network programming possible
but didn't make it easy. Scala's continuations support helps
enormously if you can live in a mostly Scala continuations-friendly
environment, but if you need to work with Scala and Java frameworks
and libraries which don't fit comfortably into continuation passing
style then you need something more.

That something more could turn out to be JVM coroutines, which are
being explored for a new JSR that's emerged from Oracle's Da Vinci
Machine project. I'll show how Scala continuations and JVM coroutines
can be combined to build network applications which are both
performant and interoperable with libraries and frameworks which were
not designed with event-driven network IO in mind.

I'm totally looking forward to Miles' presentation.  Please join me and the other Scala and Lift community members at the 2011 London Scala Lift Off on October 13th and 14th.  Tickets are selling fast.  Please register now to insure your spot.