Big Feature Alert: Migrate from Posterous to Telegram

You can now very simply migrate from Posterous to Telegram.

Telegram will slurp up all your public blog posts and all you media, copy it into the Telegram format (put headers, etc. where they are supposed to be, alias old URLs to new URLs, update media links, etc.). Then Telegram will copy these files to a new GitHub repository or to a Dropbox folder. Telegram will then publish a new site based on the contents of these folders. Voila… instant migration from Posterous to Telegram.

Plus, you get a complete copy of your Posterous content to do with what you want.

How much work is involved on your part?

  1. Create a Telegram account
  2. Hook your Telegram account up to GitHub or Dropbox
  3. Click the Posterous link and then the "Move my Posterous Site" link (this link will only appear if you're logged in and have linked to GitHub or Dropbox)
  4. Enter the name of your Posterous site or the Posterous site Id
  5. Select the destination for the repository (a new GitHub repo or a Dropbox folder)
  6. Wait for the email telling you that your site is live on Telegram
  7. Change the name of your site to something meaningful and make it visible

All in all, it should take no more than 15 minutes to slurp your stuff out of Posterous and into Telegram.


Posterous was acquired by Twitter and not much work is being done on the Posterous service. At some point, Posterous will get bit rot or be shut down.

Migrating your content to a places you control (on your hard drive) lets you hold onto your blog posts and pictures and movies and other stuff you have on Posterous.

Telegram is rapidly evolving as a blogging service and content management system, so you'll get lots of new features (including post-by-email… coming very, very soon) in Telegram while having the peace of mind that comes with possessing your content rather than having locked up in some other service.

Give it a try

Try it today and use the "Feedback" tab on the right side of the Telegram page to tell us how it worked for you.