My wife, @divaesq, was right.  I needed to get out of my cave.

I’ve always been someone who values coding in a cave, all alone.  I spend a substantial amount of time on email, interacting with the Lift committers, many of whom I’ve never met face to face and with the Lift community as a whole.

When I started Visi.Pro, I had a choice... get a cave-like office near the house for a short community and cheap, plentiful space or go South of Market in San Francisco and interact with real people, in real life.

I spent nearly a month looking for the right office space.  I wanted something that was a reasonable commute (the Mission, for example, was out.)  I wanted something that had a good vibe.  Some nice to haves included being dog friendly and hanging with Lift users... I didn’t want to spend half my day “discussing” the merits of Lift vs. xxxx.

I found a space that was way beyond my wildest dreams.  I’m subletting from Stackmob.

The Stackmob folks are really cool people doing amazing things in the mobile space.  They’ve got a great space that’s dog friendly (Archer likes coming to work with me.)  Stackmob is using Lift... so going to lunch with them is fun.  They host meetups and other social events in their space.  But, perhaps the most important thing is that the space has a vibe of awesomeness.

I don’t know how to quantify the vibe, but it’s one of quiet excellence... inclusive success... that special place where a win for the customer is a win for the employee is a win for the business.

Anyway, I’m stoked to be subletting from Stackmob... and they have some more desks available.  So, if you’re doing Lift development or cool Haskell stuff or beautiful iPad apps or just need a space with friendly dogs and amazing geeks, please ping the Stackmob folks and see if you can sublet here, too.