I want an App... it's simple.  If I'm reading something on my iPad on Twitter, in the browser, in Flipboard, I press a button and all the PDF files linked from the page I'm reading get downloaded and made available in iBooks as well as on all the Macs I own (I own quite a few Macs... office, travel, family).  The App should also be available on my Mac and automatically move PDFs to my iPad and other Macs.

Yes, this is kinda like Instapaper, but I don't like the way Instapaper re-formats things and it generally doesn't do well with PDFs.

Basically, I'm looking for a library building app that makes my library available (like my Kindle's library) where-ever I am, even if that's on an airplane that has no WiFi.

Oh... and this App should not require me to go to the command line or mess with wacky settings or anything.