Summer in Green Bay

I'm traveling through Green Bay, Wisconsin on my way to Chicago, and I'm totally loving Green Bay.

We stayed at the Tundra Resort and Water Park. It's a couple of blocks from Lambeau field (home of the Packers). It's very inexpensive and has the best in-door water park I've ever seen. Awesome water slides and lots of other places for the kids to play and splash… and because it's kid oriented, there are tons of kids playing and having fun and no adults giving the hairy eyeball to loud, splashing kids.

The Tundra also has a cool arcade. The kids played ski-ball and I played some pinball (I won 7 free games… I had some serious pinball mojo going.)

We ate steak at Brett Farve's Steak House. I'm usually not keen on the celebrity restaurant thing, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The steak was excellent and they didn't skimp on the size of anything. Plus, the Bret Farve Cabernet was some pretty tasty wine… and the prices were very reasonable.

Breakfast at the Blackstone Family Restaurant… in Green Bay since 1908. Excellent diner food. Yum.

There's lots of great parks and play spaces around Green Bay. Everybody is really nice and the pace of everything is good summer slow.

I may spend a week at the Tundra next summer… it's a great vacation spot.