It's a blog storm

Yes… I've made a lot of blog posts over the last few days.

Part of it is that I'm loving how easy Telegram is to use and that's it solid enough to host my blog.

Part of it is that I'm moving from code-mode (building Telegram) into English mode where I'm less about the code and more about the words and the communications.

So… I'm blogging a lot

A funny story

I was in London for a few days with my kids. One night, we went out for dinner and my seven year old son got excited about the leg of lamb on a bed of mashed potatoes. Here's the "before" picture: Before

He had already eaten 3 pieces of bread… and this is the resulting devastation: After

It's amazing how much food a 57 pound boy can pack in when he's hungry. Like a hummingbird, apparently, the boy can eat a substantial portion of his body weight at a single meal.

Enough blogging for today

I think I'm blogged out for today… that's 3 posts before 9am.

But there will be more over the next few days.

Party on!