Apple is on a roll with excellent customer service.

My wife, @divaesq, has an iPad 2.  She loves it.  She reads on it.  She surfs on it.  She reads on it some more.  Yes, she mocks me and the kids for playing Civ on our iPads, but she loves hers.

The other day, she noticed a big crack in the glass on the screen.  She was showing me the crack and got a glass splinter in her finger.  The events leading up to the crack were: she was reading on the iPad, she put it in her bag, she went to a meeting, she came home, she took the iPad out of her bag (a padded courier bag with an iPad slot), and she observed the crack.

We went to the Apple store today in Stonestown mall (she bought be lunch in compensation for taking me away from writing a Lift related article).  The Apple folks took a look at the iPad and 10 minutes later gave her a brand new iPad.  We went how, she restored the new iPad from her iTunes backup and she's back with her iPad.

Apple scores again taking care of a good customer.  Thanks Apple!