I'm proud to announce that I've accepted a position at Microsoft as the product manager for WinForms/VB.NET.

The many years that I've been working on Lift has given me a lot of insight into how web applications are built and maintained.  Based on that insight, I think that Microsoft has totally hit the mark with WinForms and VB.Net.

WinForms offers the ultimate in web development technology: a code generator that emits commonly used patterns into source code.  WinForms goes far beyond what you get in Eclipse to generate long narratives that connect the web front end to the back end business logic.

VB.Net is also a tour de force in terms of code narratives.  Boasting verbose code, mutable state (which is easier to code quickly without worrying about correctness), and the complete .Net object library, VB.Net provides an excellent way to write verbose code that's generally only understood when viewed in VisualStudio owing to VisualStudio's advanced technologies.

I'm looking forward to helping developers write complex applications using these venerable technologies.



PS -- April Fools!